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Acts and Regulations

Acts current to July 3, 2018 (except 2016, c.105 and 2016 c.28, s.1)
Regulations current to May 14, 2018

For your information:

The new Agriculture Appeal Board Act came into force by proclamation on January 31, 2018.
This Act is contained in section 1 of An Act to Implement Strategic Program Review Initiatives ( As such, it will be referenced as
2016, c.28, s.1. It should appear on our website shortly.

Changes to the appearance of our legislation:

  • Paragraphs in consolidated legislation on the GNB Acts and Regulations webpage no longer appear in italics (“paragraph 1(1)(a)” instead of “paragraph 1(1)(a)”). No changes will be made to repealed legislation or annual volumes that already appear on our website. New Acts and Regulations will be drafted in accordance with the new style.
  • Headings in Acts that used to appear in the Table of Contents only now appear within the text of the Act. Work is underway to eliminate repetitions, etc.